Three Trees Property LTD is an independent company striving to give the most and help in anyway it can. Be it Home owners in financial difficulties, First time buyers, Investors looking to grow a portfolio or anybody who requires help in the property world.


We will do our best to help!


Jessie Marsh

Managing Director

Jessie is a founding member, who has passion and great drive in property.

She has years of experience in customer service at the highest level, working in the insurance sector for high net worth individuals.

She has invested in her education into property investment and continues to do so.

Giving her results that speak for themselves.

Simon Marsh

Managing Director

Simon is a founding member, who started his working life as an electrician, a career he enjoyed for 17 years.

This career has giving him years of experience of working, project managing and the development of various construction builds being houses to tower blocks.

He has invested in his education into property investment and development and continues to strive forward.  

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